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MIT Sloan designed the MIT Executive MBA program to fundamentally change the way participants approach business problems and opportunities. Some will find it evolutionary. Others will find it disruptive. All will find it challenging and rewarding.

In addition to hands-on coursework covering the most progressive best practices, participants are exposed to the leading edge of research-based findings from MIT Sloan professors, often years before they become common knowledge. Known for producing fundamental change in the way we think about business, MIT research continues to re-frame the world’s understanding, from finance to marketing to sustainability. Participants in MIT Sloan MBA programs have unparalleled access to the source of these groundbreaking perspectives from our unmatched faculty and their latest research.

"The caliber of professors and of the cohort is fantastic. The program throws you out of your comfort zone and compels you to think with rigor, grow and stretch intellectually, to draw on the diverse skills and experience of your teammates, and to discover a whole greater than the sum of its parts."
MIT EMBA Class of 2012 Student

This MBA program is designed so that problem solving is hands-on and collaborative. In addition to the faculty, the participants in this program bring particular areas of expertise and create a passionate, high-energy team of experienced business leaders who learn from and with each other. Problem solving becomes an exercise in varied approaches and innovative solutions.

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