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School profile: MIT Sloan Executive MBA

When Rosalind Sullivan, chief financial officer at Cenegenics Medical Institute, the “age management company”, in Las Vegas, decided to do an executive MBA, she had some idea of her ideal programme.

She wanted a programme where students were “collaborative not competitive”, a “manageable schedule” that worked for her and her family and a curriculum that “merged the theoretical and the practical” and would help her “be a better executive”.

She settled on MIT Sloan School of Management. The broad-based programme boasts a successful, highly experienced student population from a range of backgrounds. The class of 2013 have an average 17 years of work experience, 83 per cent are at director level or above and 40 per cent already have an advanced degree.

“In my study group we have an entrepreneur, a physician, a general manager and finance people like me,” says Sullivan. “We all have different strengths and weaknesses, and we work as a team.”

Unlike most programmes, which hold classes every other weekend, MIT’s executive MBA programme meets every third week on Fridays and Saturdays, and includes four eight-day modules on campus over 20 months. The structure is designed for time-crunched professionals with families, but the curriculum is similar to MIT Sloan’s full-time MBA, with a focus on data-driven analysis and innovation.

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Originally Published: Financial Times
Author: Rebecca Knight