Student Profile - Alex Tiller

Alex Tiller

National Origin

United States

Current Location

Denver, CO




Business Administration

EMBA Class of

Alex Tiller
Solar Alliance Energy Inc.


Alex Tiller is president of Solar Alliance Energy Inc. of Vancouver, B.C., and CEO of its U.S. subsidiary Solar Alliance of America. He is the former CEO of Sunetric, previously Hawaii’s largest solar company. After Alex took over Sunetric in January 2010, he executed a turn-around, grew revenues 225% in three years, and then sold the business to a public company in early 2014. Starting his career at Fidelity Investments, Alex has held senior-level positions with organizations ranging from 3D visualization to private equity investments in both agriculture and energy. He also currently serves as the chairman of Kunoa Cattle company, a Hawaiian grass-fed beef company.

Why This Program?

I’ve been an entrepreneur for more than 15 years, and I have challenged myself with the long-term goal of attaining a C-suite position in a Fortune 500 company. I have management experience in smaller companies, but I wanted the knowledge and network from a top MBA program to put me on the path to achieving that goal. I came to MIT’s EMBA program because of its respected brand, rigorous teaching methodology, and high caliber of students. This wasn’t about checking a box. There are many reputable MBA programs closer to my home, but it was worth commuting to MIT because it delivers a better program than anywhere else.