Student Profile - Amy Huchthausen

Amy Huchthausen

National Origin

South Korea

Current Location

Boston, MA


Sports/College Athletics


Sports Management

EMBA Class of

Amy Huchthausen
America East Conference


As commissioner of the America East Conference, Amy Huchthausen is the first woman to lead the league. During her tenure, she has increased the Conference’s profile through progressive multimedia partnerships, built a robust social and digital media strategy, and launched a comprehensive rebranding initiative. She also created new initiatives such as the #3Pillars Academy, Alumni Network, and the groundbreaking You Can Play Project partnership. Her leadership was recognized in the Sports Business Journal when she was named a 2016 Forty Under 40 after being named a “Game Changer” by the same publication in 2015. Huchthausen previously worked at the NCAA, ACC, Missouri Valley and Big East.

Why This Program?

I’ve reached a point in my career where I want to continue to learn and grow beyond my industry. I saw how this program could open a lot of doors, as it exposes students to different ways of thinking and frameworks across many industries. I also appreciated how the program lives up to its reputation. You read that the School’s mission is to develop principled leaders who change the world and that the program is collaborative. But when you meet students and faculty, you see that this is more than just talk. These are important aspects of the program. In addition, I came here because of the diversity of students. I don’t have a traditional business background, but I saw how professionals from a range of experiences can be successful here. This is not a traditional business school with a sole focus on finance. It’s a management school that focuses on innovation, immersing students in the unique entrepreneurial ecosystem of MIT and Boston.