Student Profile - Andrés Largacha

Andrés Largacha

National Origin


Current Location

Bogotá, Colombia





EMBA Class of

Andrés Largacha
Chief Financial Officer
Mercantil Colpatria


As CFO of Mercantil Colpatria, Andrés Largacha is responsible for the strategic planning of all financial and administrative activities of Colpatria Group’s holding company. In this role, he reviews and approves planning and budgets and the balanced scorecards for all portfolio companies. He also leads the development and management of the investment strategy of the group’s portfolio and manages relations with external stakeholders, including shareholders, partners, advisors, and government officials. Prior to this role, he held other senior positions at Banco Colpatria in the corporate, commercial, and credit card businesses.

Why This Program?

When I was looking at executive MBA programs – and there are plenty of them out there – I wanted to find a program that focuses on the science of management. I was looking to gain tools and knowledge based on real scientific evidence rather than just case studies. I found what I was looking for at MIT Sloan. I saw how this program would help prepare me to advance to the next level in my company with its holistic and scientific approach to management. It also would broaden my perspective with access to world-class faculty and students who come from many different industries around the world. MIT Sloan offers a different tier of business education.