Student Profile - Arthur Sindoni

Arthur Sindoni

National Origin


Current Location

Sao Paulo, Brazil


Real Estate/Finance


Faculdade de Engenharia Industrial (FEI), B.S. Electronics Engineering; Fundação Getulio Vargas, M.Sc. Corporate Finance

EMBA Class of

Arthur Sindoni
Partner, CFO
MB Gestão de Patrimonio


Arthur Sindoni is partner and CFO of his own business, MB Gestão de Patrimonio, where he focuses on real estate investment and management. Previously, he was a managing director at Lopes Maber and held various management positions at Lopes Consultoria de Imóveis, the largest real estate company in Brazil. Arthur has over 16 years of experience across multiple industries such as manufacturing, real estate, and telecom. He is experienced in finance, portfolio management, strategic planning, M&A and post M&A, turnaround process, CRM and real estate investments.

Why This Program?

“As you progress in your career, your decisions make a bigger impact. I wanted an MBA to learn how to make strategic and data-driven decisions that lead to better outcomes. I already have a Master’s in finance, so I wanted a general management program to learn about all areas of business. It was clear that MIT is a top school for entrepreneurs — MIT alumni founded companies generate annual revenues greater than the GDP of the world’s tenth largest economy — and the EMBA format would allow me to continue my business. Other aspects that stood out included the focus on analytics and data, MIT’s large entrepreneurial ecosystem, and the diversity of the cohorts. The program does a great job of selecting smart, accomplished students who are also very supportive and collaborative.”