Student Profile - Caitlin Conley

Caitlin Conley

National Origin

United States

Current Location

Cambridge, MA




Political Science; Public Policy

EMBA Class of

Caitlin Conley
Squadron Operations Officer
US Army


As a troop commander within U.S. Army Special Operations Command, Caitlin Conley established an operational technical support company enabling worldwide tactical missions. She led the company through its first 18 months, advancing it from concept to capability. In her most recent role, Caitlin served as a squadron operations officer, overseeing the execution of global operations and technical development. Throughout her 13 years of service and multiple overseas deployments to the Middle East and North Africa, Caitlin has held numerous leadership positions. Recently, she was selected by the Department of the Army as a Downing Scholar, and is pursuing a concurrent Master in Public Policy from Harvard University’s Kennedy School.

Why This Program?

In the military, I’m responsible for leading people to meet operational objectives. Just as other professional disciplines consist of an art and science, so does leadership. For the past decade I’ve practiced the art of leadership, so I wanted to pursue an MBA to focus on the science side. I wanted a program that would teach me how to be a more effective leader and understand new ways to measure organizational efficacy. I was looking for an MBA program that offered systematic deliverables and methodological insights into how successful organizations operate and manage. MIT Sloan – by being part of MIT — focuses on the hard sciences and how they apply to different aspects of business. Thinking forward in my military career, I also wanted a program that focuses on the role of technology and innovation because this is only becoming an increasingly important element in military operations. When I looked at other EMBA programs, nothing else came close to MIT Sloan in offering this combination of skills and exposure.