Student Profile - David Taylor

David Taylor

National Origin


Current Location

Cupertino, CA




Arizona State University, B.S. Computer Science; University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Master’s Computer Science

EMBA Class of

David Taylor
Senior Software Engineering Manager


David Taylor is senior software engineering manager at Apple, where he leads teams developing services focused on supporting the company’s infrastructure. Prior to joining Apple, he developed secure software for defense and commercial aircraft at Boeing, developed web and mobile applications at startups, and led multiple teams as the owner and operator of his own company.

Why This Program?

“I had gotten to a certain point in my career based on instinct or intuition for leadership, but I wanted to learn data-driven, scientific approaches to management and improve my ability to lead. This program was a no brainer because, as an engineer, I’ve always respected the school. If someone will understand me it will be an engineering-focused school that offers a research-based approach to management and analytical frameworks. I’ve been able apply what I’ve learned in class directly to my work and I’ve dramatically improved my ability to lead. My company has noticed, my boss has notice, my peers have noticed, and most importantly my teams have noticed.”