Student Profile - Dr. Christopher Kwolek

Dr. Christopher Kwolek

National Origin


Current Location

Boston, MA




University of California, Los Angeles, B.S. Economics; University of California, San Francisco, M.D. Medicine

EMBA Class of

Dr. Christopher Kwolek
Chairman, Dept. of Surgery
Newton-Wellesley Hospital


Dr. Chris Kwolek is the chair of the Department of Surgery at Newton-Wellesley Hospital within the Partners Healthcare System and is co-chair of the Partners system-wide committee to evaluate new perioperative technology. He has served as a consultant to various medical companies for device design and development, served as the national principal investigator for several clinical trials to evaluate new devices within the area of vascular disease management, and helped develop integrated vascular surgery training programs at the Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School.

Why This Program?

“Medical schools don’t usually teach subjects like business strategy, finance, leadership and analytics, yet these areas are becoming more important for clinicians who take on leadership roles. I came to this program because of the Action Learning aspect. I wanted to immediately impact my work by applying what I learn in school. I also was attracted to MIT Sloan’s mission of developing principled, innovative leaders who improve the world. MIT is a top research institute and MIT Sloan is integrated into the fabric of the healthcare community here. This program offers a world-class education and prepares students to make a bigger impact. In addition, I appreciated how students bring a diversity of work experience to this program. Their perspectives can help you see problems through different lenses. This is valuable in healthcare, where there are a lot of opportunities for improvement.”