Student Profile - Dr. Saad Alsaab

Dr. Saad Alsaab

National Origin

Saudi Arabia

Current Location

Houston, TX





EMBA Class of

Dr. Saad Alsaab
Founder, President
Penta State LLC


Dr. Saad Alsaab is an interventional cardiologist and endovascular specialist at Northwest Houston Heart Center and an entrepreneur. As founder and president of Penta State LLC and its subsidiaries, he focuses on the development of laboratory medical services that challenge the status quo to empower physicians and enhance patient care. Previously, Saad was an advanced interventional cardiology, peripheral vascular and structural heart disease fellow at the Phoenix Heart Center and interventional cardiology services/cardiac cath lab director of Somerset Hospital and Somerset Health Services in Somerset, PA. He also was an interventional cardiology fellow at Mount Sinai in New York City as well as an advanced cardiac imaging and echocardiography fellow at Harvard Medical School.

Why This Program?

Since my childhood in Saudi Arabia, I envisioned myself leading a medical enterprise that would disrupt the way medicine is practiced and performed. That notion has not changed. As a practicing interventional cardiologist, I recognized the need to develop laboratory medical services which challenge the status quo. My startup, Penta State and its subsidiaries, seeks to empower physicians, enhance patient care, and ultimately advance the field. I wanted to get an MBA to get the building blocks of management and leadership to help my companies succeed. I came to MIT’s EMBA program because it is a world-renowned institute with an entrepreneurial ecosystem. Its Action Learning aspect also resonated with me because I wanted to immediately apply theoretical knowledge from classes. I wouldn’t have gone anywhere else.