Student Profile - Eduardo Arreaga

Eduardo Arreaga

National Origin


Current Location

New York City, NY


Financial Services


Mechanical Engineering; Finance

EMBA Class of

Eduardo Arreaga
Executive Director – Coverage Finance


Eduardo Arreaga is head of Client Coverage Finance for the Americas at MSCI Inc., where he is responsible for the financial performance of sales, marketing, client service and consultants. Serving in a business partner role, he provides timely financial analysis for decision-making. He also co-creates and evaluates the full-year operating plan for EBITDA expenses, sales and cancels. His projects include establishing a compensation system around the globe, and creating and automating the reporting structure for the sales forecasting process. Prior to MSCI, Eduardo worked for Carrier Corporation.

Why This Program?

I came to MIT Sloan to boost my career by improving my capability to identify financial risks and establish action plans to mitigate potential issues. I also wanted to become more proficient in managing global teams. I saw this program as an opportunity to strengthen my three professional pillars of strategic thinking, leadership capability, and a process-oriented mindset. I was particularly interested in the innovation and entrepreneurship aspect of the curriculum, which would help me achieve my goal of launching social responsible projects in the real estate industry in Mexico. MIT Sloan offers everything I need to fulfill my professional goals and to learn how to make a bigger impact at my organization and in my communities.