Student Profile - Geoffrey Beckwith

Geoffrey Beckwith

National Origin

United States

Current Location

Boston, MA




Political Science

EMBA Class of

Geoffrey Beckwith
Executive Director & CEO
Massachusetts Municipal Association


Geoff Beckwith has been the executive director and CEO of the Massachusetts Municipal Association (MMA) since 1992, leading the statewide nonprofit organization that works with cities and towns to improve the effectiveness of local government. Geoff oversees all aspects of the association, including policy development, advocacy before state and federal agencies, member services, and training and education programs for local officials. He is president and CEO of MIIA, the MMA’s $500-million nonprofit municipal insurance company. From 1985 to 1991, Geoff was elected to the Massachusetts House of Representatives, and was the chief author of the nation’s first toxics use reduction law.

Why This Program?

I’ve spent the last 25 years as the CEO of the Massachusetts Municipal Association, yet the issues and challenges facing local governments and our communities are increasingly complex and difficult. Effective solutions and strategies will require a much higher level of expertise and capacity-building. I wanted an MBA to become a more effective leader who can strengthen cities and towns and build more effective local governments across Massachusetts. I explored numerous EMBA programs and MIT’s is the only one that aligns perfectly with the challenges and changes coming to the public sector. The curriculum incorporates leading-edge analytical frameworks and business essentials, operational and strategic management, leadership skills, system dynamics, data-driven management and change leadership. I also was excited by the action learning focus, as students can immediately implement new management concepts, skills and analytics at their organizations in real time, providing immediate value. Further, I came here for the opportunity to connect with outstanding peers from across the world from major companies and industries. Twenty months in this EMBA incubator would broaden my outlook, expose me to new ways of thinking, and assist me in challenging the status quo.