Student Profile - Igor Stojanovic

Igor Stojanovic

National Origin


Current Location

Doha, Qatar




Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Information Technology Osijek (Croatia), Master of Electrical Engineering

EMBA Class of

Igor Stojanovic
Group Director, Technology Planning and Performance
Ooredoo Group


Igor Stojanovic is a director of technology planning and performance at Ooredoo Group, a fixed and mobile network telecom group with more than 150 million subscribers in 10 countries. His responsibilities include developing and overseeing technology strategy execution of Ooredoo Group Operating Companies, reviewing and approving all OpCo’s technology investments over $3 million and annual technology budgets. He also assists the group CTO with activities, such as reviewing network sharing deals, business case verifications, and M&A analysis. Previously, he held positions at Ooredoo, including senior manager of demand and product management and manager of SIT testing coordination. Before joining Oordeoo, he worked for Siemens in Kuwait and Croatia.

Why This Program?

“I wanted an MBA to broaden my business knowledge and equip myself with a management mindset and tools. I looked at this program because MIT is the number one school in the world for engineers, and the Action Learning aspect of the EMBA program was very appealing. Engineers like to get their hands dirty and work on pragmatic, real problems. We are doers. This program bridges theory with a focus on implementation so that you learn by doing. I also came here to challenge myself. MIT has one of the most senior cohorts among EMBA programs, a very selective admissions process, and a rigorous curriculum. I knew MIT would be worth the 14-hour flying commute from Qatar.”