Student Profile - Isaac Saldana

Isaac Saldana

National Origin


Current Location

Irvine, CA




University of California Riverside, B.S. Computer Science & Electrical Engineering

EMBA Class of

Isaac Saldana
Joy Labs


Isaac Saldana is founder and CEO of Joy Labs, a computer science company that helps entrepreneurs with technology to explore innovative ideas and solve problems. Previously, he was co-founder of the cloud-based customer communication platform SendGrid (NYSE:SEND), where he held multiple roles, including CEO, president, board member, and engineer. Isaac also co-founded, a bidding site for services, where he served as CTO. In addition, he co-founded, a site where events were generated by fans.

Why This Program?

“As an entrepreneur, I wanted an MBA to gain core business knowledge and frameworks to help grow my next business. Working in the technology space, I was interested in expanding my network to see how people solve problems in other industries and gain new perspectives. I looked into this program because System Dynamics was invented at MIT, and I wanted to learn how to use this approach to tackle complex business problems. When I saw that the EMBA curriculum concludes with the course Leading with Impact, where students apply all of their learning to help nonprofits address an important business challenge, I was sold. That module shows how students are ready and able to make a positive difference in the world because of this program.”