Student Profile - Mikhail (Misha) Kozlov

Mikhail (Misha) Kozlov

National Origin


Current Location

Boston, MA


Life Science


Chemistry; Polymer Science and Engineering

EMBA Class of

Mikhail (Misha) Kozlov
Senior Marketing Manager


As a senior marketing manager for Tangential Flow Filtration (TFF) products at MilliporeSigma, Misha Kozlov is responsible for innovation and strategic marketing of a critical line of products that are used in the manufacturing of life-saving drugs. As a part of this role, he also manages complex launches of new products. Previously, he served as R&D manager of TFF technologies in the Filtration and Chromatography group at MilliporeSigma, where he built and led a highly functional team of scientists, engineers, and associates and worked with customers to create a vision and strategy to create a robust product development pipeline. He also has authored multiple peer-reviewed publications and is a named inventor on more than 25 patents.

Why This Program?

As a scientist, I had all the tools I needed to solve technical problems. However, to solve business problems, I needed to fill in knowledge gaps and acquire more tools. I wanted an MBA to build my knowledge of finance and economics, add to my arsenal of competitive strategies, and further grow my leadership and negotiation skills. I came to MIT because of its strong reputation as a premier engineering and science school that promotes innovation. The MIT Sloan EMBA program is a great environment for me to learn how to create new innovation paradigms that will allow well-established, successful companies to bring truly cutting-edge products to the market sooner.