Student Profile - Pelema Morrice

Pelema Morrice

National Origin


Current Location

Portsmouth, NH


Higher Education


San Jose State University, B.A. Psychology, Master’s Education; University of Michigan, Ph.D. Education

EMBA Class of

Pelema Morrice
Great Bay Community College


As president of Great Bay Community College, Pelema Morrice is responsible for leading an educational institution focused on economic and workforce development and student success. Previously, he was vice provost and head of enrollment management at the University of Missouri (MU), where he oversaw a team in the following areas: Undergraduate Admissions, International Admissions, Financial Aid, Enrollment Research, Enrollment Communications, the Missouri College Advising Corps, Community College Pathways, Student Information Systems, New Student Programs, Registrar, and the Veterans Center. Prior to joining MU, he held positions at Bryn Mawr College, the University of Nebraska, Stanford University, the University of San Diego, and the California State University.

Why This Program?

“I wanted an MBA to develop my skillset and expertise as a leader of people and organizations. I came here for several reasons. First, the impactful nature of MIT Sloan’s mission to develop principled, innovative leaders who improve the world and the program’s culture around collaboration made this an easy choice. Second, I liked the professional diversity of the cohort in terms of industry, backgrounds, and experience. Not a lot of MBA programs offer this level of diversity. Finally, I came here for the people. There is a level of genuine collegiality and cohesion among the people at MIT that is unique for an elite institution.”