Student Profile - Rick Maher

Rick Maher

National Origin


Current Location

Woburn, MA


Food & Beverage


Arizona State University, B.S. Business

EMBA Class of

Rick Maher
Chief Commercial Officer
Lord Hobo Brewing Co.


Rick Maher is chief commercial officer of Lord Hobo Brewing Co., one of the fastest-growing craft breweries in the U.S. As CCO, he is responsible for the sales and marketing strategies to build brands and manage an expanding distribution network. Prior to Lord Hobo Brewing, Rick worked as an entrepreneur in health tech startups for four years. He also worked as a management consultant for clients ranging from Hong Kong financial services to Canadian heavy farming equipment manufacturing to Las Vegas mega-resorts and casinos.

Why This Program?

“I wanted an MBA to advance my career and continue learning. I came to this program primarily for two reasons. First, MIT Sloan’s mission to develop principled, innovative leaders who improve the world resonated with me. Second, I appreciated how this is a rigorous MBA program for working professionals condensed into two years. If I was going to spend the time and money on going back to school, I wanted to get the absolute maximum out of it.”