Student Profile - Riley Rees

Riley Rees

National Origin


Current Location

Palo Alto, CA




Middle Tennessee State University, B.S. Aeronautics & Aviation

EMBA Class of

Riley Rees
Assistant Flight Commander/C-17 Aircraft Commander
301st Airlift Squadron Travis Air Force Base


Riley Rees is a Major in the USAF-Reserves, serving as assistant flight commander in the 301st Airlift Squadron at Travis Air Force Base and a B-777 First Officer with United Airlines. In the 301st, she strategically leads pilots and loadmasters through diverse mission-critical projects spanning international operations onboard the C-17 aircraft. She was previously assigned as the 349th Air Mobility Wing Executive Officer, responsible for the daily operations of 23 subordinate units and 3,000 members. In addition to the military, she co-founded a non-profit and has served as a board member and mentor for Women Military Aviators.

Why This Program?

“I knew that an MBA would help all of the areas of my career: military, private sector, and entrepreneurship. I came here to get the tools and frameworks needed to be a more effective leader. I wanted to learn how to make data-based decisions that result in better outcomes and learn how to affect change. I also liked this program’s focus on Action Learning, where students apply classroom learning to actual problems in their organizations. With world-renowned professors and a mission to develop principled, innovative leaders who will make a global impact, this was the right program for me.”