Student Profile - Vaibhav Kharat

Vaibhav Kharat

National Origin


Current Location

Newark, NJ




University of Mumbai, B.Eng. Mechanical Engineering; University of Cincinnati, MS Industrial Engineering

EMBA Class of

Vaibhav Kharat
Director, Software Development, an Amazon company


Vaibhav Kharat is the director of software development at, a subsidiary of, where he drives the technical strategy for how customers discover and consume audiobooks. His teams develop and maintain the technology that powers the presence in North American, Asian, and European Markets. At Audible, Vaibhav has overseen the consolidation of four disparate platforms into a single platform that supports multiple markets on multiple surfaces. Vaibhav has been a part of Amazon Technology teams for the past 18 years and has worked in Amazon’s Retail, Fraud, Payments, and Fire device businesses.

Why This Program?

“I came here because of the program’s focus on Action Learning. The analytical frameworks as well as courses in applied economics, marketing and finance will enable me to apply business concepts in my role as a GM and future entrepreneur. The teaching methodology emphasizes integrating best practices into one’s organization through iterative experiments. I saw how MIT’s unique Action Learning Courses such as IDEA-Week, O-Lab, and Go-Lab will help convert knowledge to skills, while studying with a cohort of seasoned executives and entrepreneurs drawn from 15 industries. My classmates will provide insights into factors propelling business and strategy development across sectors.”