The Experience

A transformative experience

The MIT Executive MBA program will fundamentally change the way you approach management problems and opportunities. In addition to hands-on coursework covering the most progressive best practices, you will harness leading-edge research in crucial disciplines from finance to marketing to sustainability so that you can develop winning strategies for today’s global economy.

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In the MIT EMBA program, problem-solving is hands-on and collaborative—an exercise in varied approaches and innovative solutions. You and your mid-career peers bring your particular areas of expertise to the table, creating a passionate, high-energy team environment in which you learn from and with one another.

Program experience

Discover the six essential elements that distinguish the MIT EMBA Program and give it unrivaled value. Learn more.


Learn from—and network with—some of the world’s foremost architects of best practice spanning industries, functions, and nations. Learn more.


Read about the backgrounds of current MIT EMBA students and what they have to say about their program experience. Learn more.


Find out how MIT EMBA students are realizing actionable value from their very first days as students in the program. Learn more.

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“This program is an essential mid-career recalibration. I’m here to broaden and deepen my skill sets, to dig deeper, to look at things more analytically, and to extend my network beyond my industry.”

Ed Walsh ’13
VP of Strategy and Growth Initiatives