Diversity and Inclusion

The MIT Executive MBA is committed to fostering an inclusive and supportive environment for all our students.

This commitment is carried out by multiple student service offices both at MIT and MIT Sloan.

Our goal is to enable leaders, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, religion, disability, and sexual
orientation, to achieve the extraordinary. In the Executive MBA program, you will join a cohort of global leaders who thrive because of the groups’ diversity and lasting friendships they build with their classmates.

MIT Executive MBA Women’s Group
MIT Executive MBA Women’s Group works to increase opportunities for the women of the EMBA through networking events, speaker series, professional development workshops, and mentorship programs.

 MIT Executive MBA Women’s Advancement Series
This series of candid conversations builds upon your skills to enable success and forward thinking. The Women’s Advancement Series is a way to engage with your extraordinary
community of MIT executive women to address challenges facing women in the workplace.

MIT Executive MBA Ask Me Anything Panels
Student-hosted sessions allow for open conversions on various topics, including gender, identity, masculinity/femininity, religion, biases, and life in-and-out of the military.

Minority Groups
Through a multitude of academic, community, and professional initiatives offered by MIT, MIT Sloan, and the MIT Executive MBA, students are empowered with a supportive setting that fosters both a pursuit of excellence and a strong sense of connection.

LBGTQ+ Services
MIT and MIT Sloan support numerous student, employee, and alumni groups as well as other departments and initiatives on campus aiming to foster equity, intersectionality, and the continuum of social justice. From individual student support to organizational development and institutional policy advocacy, LBGTQ+ Services’ support, programming, and educational endeavors aiming to enhance the experiences of MIT’s LBGTQ+ community.

MIT has a long history of educating veterans, both before and after their service. If you’re a veteran and interested in an MIT education, know that we greatly appreciate your interest and your service. The MIT Sloan Veterans Association is available to provide prospective veteran students of ANY nation with assistance applying to MIT Sloan. For current veterans, support is available for career development, job search assistance, community support, and a connection to the extensive MIT veterans’ alumni network throughout the world. Information specific to veterans, including educational benefits, is available on the Student Financial Services site.



“You will learn from some of the most brilliant minds on the planet, collaborate with a cohort of proven leaders motivated to improve the world, and suddenly realize how much you have to gain.”

Matt Graziano ’13
Senior Program Manager
General Dynamics C4 Systems