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4 Tips for Assessing Political and Regulatory Risk for Your Startup

Nathaniel Wienecke is senior vice president for federal government relations for the Property Casualty Insurers Association of America, which represents over 1,000 property casualty insurers nationwide. He also is a member of the MIT EMBA class of 2012.

When entrepreneurs launch a new company, they tend to focus on ramping up their new product or service, applying for that first cont ...


Leaving a Corporate Job for Entrepreneurship

Thomas Stephens is cofounder and managing director of the consulting firm Trinity in Boston, MA. and a member of the MIT EMBA class of 2015.

If you want to launch a startup, there are a lot of resources out there with “how to” tips and advice. There are also plenty of mentors willing and able to help new entrepreneurs. However, the steps aren’t so clear for those who ...


Virtual Teams: 7 Tips For Building High Performance

Zafer Sahinoglu, PhD is a Management Consultant at Mitsubishi Electric USA in Cambridge, MA and a member of the MIT Executive MBA class of 2013.

In today’s world, working in virtual teams is often a fact of life. Employees from different divisions, different functions, and oftentimes different locations need to effectively work together to solve problems and innovate for their ...


Using Operations Management to Improve Public Housing

Trinh Nguyen is director of the Mayor’s Office of Jobs and Community Services in Boston, MA. She is the former chief of staff at the Boston Housing Authority and a member of the MIT EMBA class of 2014.

With increasing demand for public services and dwindling federal funds, a big issue is how to efficiently run public programs. In other words: How do you get taxpayers the most b ...


Using an Agile Framework for Strategic Execution

Karen-Leigh Edwards is an Associate Director, External Manufacturing at Biogen Idec, Cambridge, MA and a member of the MIT Executive MBA class of 2015.

Often we are tasked with strategic goals that when it comes to implementation seem monumental and destined for failure.  The line between magnitude of scope and immediate need under a tight timeline frequently needs to be balance ...


How to Maximize Preferred Outcomes with Linear Optimization

Kfir Azoulay is Vice President of Marketing at Lumenis in the Netherlands and a member of the MIT EMBA Class of 2015.

One of the highlights of the MIT Executive MBA program is without doubt course 15.730, Data, Models, and Decision (referred to as “DMD”).

A more apt name for this course, in my opinion, would be Management Science, given its solid roots in rigorou ...


Forming a Personal Board of Advisors

Sofija Jovic is CEO of ProPhase in New York City and a member of the MIT EMBA class of 2014.

Both running a company and being a manager is a unique experience that can be very isolating at times. As a company grows and develops, so do our responsibilities as leaders. Engaging in critical discussions and having a framework in which our opinions are meaningfully challenged to make them ...


New MIT Executive MBA Program Director Welcomes New Class

Johanna Hising DiFabio is the program director of the MIT Executive MBA program, in Cambridge MA.

I’m excited to introduce myself as the new Director of the MIT Executive MBA Program, and to welcome this year’s incoming class.  In August I took over as the program Director from Jonathan Lehrich, who helped launch the program four years ago. I am honored to lead the p ...


How Ketchup Can Teach Us About Innovation

Jennifer Hansen is vice president of ad sales at The Walt Disney Company in Cleveland, OH and a member of the MIT EMBA class of 2015.

I’m not an inventor. I don’t develop drugs, research scientific cures, or create new forms of technology. “Innovation” used to be something I thought occurred on the technical and scientific side of the professional world.

< ...


4 Ways to Encourage Entrepreneurship in Established Organizations

Joe Schloesser is director at Iron Mountain, a global provider of data management and data center services in Boston, MA. He also is a member of the MIT EMBA class of 2015.

When I came to MIT’s EMBA program, I didn’t describe myself as entrepreneurial. I expected most of my learning to come from lectures and discussions in the classroom. However, my experiences five month ...


How Predictive Analytics Can Help Secure Global Enterprises

John (Jack) Sullivan is vice president and chief security officer of Starbucks in Seattle, WA and a member of the MIT EMBA class of 2015.

The advent of social media has led to people becoming more comfortable living their lives online. The result is a massive increase in data. In fact, 90% of the world’s data was created in the last two years. All of it is eminently searchable ...


Making a Human Impact with System Dynamics: A Healthcare Case Study

Vincenza Nigro is executive director of medical affairs at Veloxis Pharmaceuticals A/S in Edison, NJ. Rob Nachtrieb is a senior lecturer of System Dynamics at MIT and lead scientist of Lutron Electronics in Allentown, PA. Both Nigro and Nachtrieb are members of the MIT EMBA class of 2012.

When you are evaluating a new drug, there are several key things you need to understand. For exa ...


The Three C’s of a New Venture

Jonathan Hinton is the Founder and CEO of Apex Controls in McDonough, GA and a member of the MIT EMBA class of 2015.

When embarking on a new venture, an aspiring entrepreneur asks, “What does it take to have a successful business?”  Sure, there are plethora of books, seminars and other resources that offer detailed information on all aspects of the subject (of which ...


The Importance of Ecosystem Risk Management (ECORM)

Christina Kite is a member of the MIT EMBA class of 2014.

In business, you’re only as good as the decisions you make. However, a big part of most decisions involves uncertainty.

Risk management is the process of dealing with uncertainty, and is something we study at MIT to learn how to make better decisions. Effective risk management includes:

– identify ...


Developing an Innovation Driven Entrepreneurial Advantage (IDEA)

Jonathan Lehrich is a lecturer and program director of the MIT Executive MBA program, and a member of the MIT Sloan MBA class of 2005.

The first-year MIT EMBAs recently completed the IDEA module, our deep dive into “Innovation-Driven Entrepreneurial Advantage.” Each one of those words is important. This is not a course about entrepreneurship or technology alone. Rather, i ...