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The Massachusetts Institute of Technology arguably has had a more profound impact on the way the world works than any other institution of its kind in the world today, chiefly because of its technological, societal, and educational innovations. Here, in a community that has produced numerous Nobel Prize winners, you will strengthen your knowledge and your capabilities with data-driven tools grounded in the science of management. You will increase your impact on your organization and on the world with a strategic set of business fundamentals. You will leverage the late-breaking research emerging from this frontier where business and technology converge. And you will accomplish all this in a tight-knit, collaborative environment where there is a deep culture of teamwork.

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Access MIT’s influential research centers and collaborate with experts in your field to craft leading-edge solutions to demanding business problems. Learn more.


Build a dedicated global network of talented leaders representing a broad spectrum of industries, functions, and cultures. Learn more.

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“MIT feels like a stadium with no seats—everyone is in the game. There’s a crackling drive and curiosity that fills the air.”
Susan Hockfield
16th President of MIT