Transforming talented leaders into extraordinary executives.

<strong>Annely Guzman '16</strong><br>
						The SpringLeap Lab<br>
						<em>I wanted an environment that was both challenging and collaborative. </em> <strong>Laurel Taylor '15</strong><br>
                		Head of Industry, Health Services<br>
						<em>I am here to build an advanced foundation in management and innovation.</em> <strong>Bryan Jackson '16</strong><br>
                		Engineering and Procurement Manager<br>
						<em>I came to MIT to reinforce my technical and leadership strengths.</em> <strong>Alissa Seiple '16</strong><br>
                		Managing Partner<br>
						Metanoia Capital<br>
						<em>I came here for the energy, passion, and culture for innovation.</em> <strong>Michael Jerlecki '16</strong><br>
                		Vice President & General Manager<br>
						Station Casinos<br>
						<em>I am here to have a far-reaching positive impact by improving my skills in leadership and strategy.</em> <strong>Malena Gonzalez '16</strong><br>
                		Director of Finance<br>
						Schneider Electric<br>
						<em>I am here to broaden my skills, enhance my network, and make an impact. </em> <strong>Mamadou Beye '15</strong><br>
                		Manager for International Affairs<br>
						<em>MIT provides a tremendous opportunity to advance my company and our development of energy in Africa.  </em> <strong>Donna Levin '16</strong><br>
                		Co-founder and Vice President <br><br>
						<em>I came here because of MIT's mission to educate leaders who want to improve the world. </em> <strong>Chris Stolte '15</strong><br>
                		Engineering Manager<br>
						<em>I am here for the challenging  curriculum and the culture of idea-sharing and collaboration.</em> <strong>Abeel Mangi '16</strong><br>
                		Associate Professor of Surgery <br>
						Yale University and Yale New Haven Hospital <br>
						<em>I was drawn to MIT because of the commitment to its mission to change the world.</em> <strong>Mike McCullough '15</strong><br>
                		Director, Global Business Development<br>
						General Electric<br>
						<em>I am here to challenge my approach to problem solving and to become a better GE leader.</em> <strong>Liyu Yang '16</strong><br>
                		Director of Translational Sciences<br>
						Biogen Idec<br>
						<em>I came here to combine my scientific and business knowledge to push innovation to impact patients’ lives.</em> <strong>Keri McCrensky '15</strong><br>
                		Senior Director of Account Management<br>
						<em>I am here to inject strategic business thinking into healthcare and my company. </em> <strong>Charlie Maher '15</strong><br>
                		Chief of Staff<br>
						Naval Undersea Warfare Center<br>
						<em>I joined MIT’s EMBA program because of the action learning methodology and MIT’s innovation ecosystem.</em> <strong>Sai Mahalingam '15</strong><br>
                		Sr. Product Manager<br>
						Cisco Systems<br>
						<em>I selected MIT’s program because of its focus on data-driven analytics and its action-learning approach. </em> <strong>Steve Krubiner '15</strong><br>
                		Chief of Staff<br>
						J Street<br>
						<em>MIT offers the opportunity to broaden my network and to build synergies between the corporate and nonprofit sector. </em> <strong>Shari Goetsch '15</strong><br>
                		Chief Innovation Officer<br>
						<em>I came here to challenge myself, to tap the Institute’s ecosystem, and to enhance my network.</em> <strong>Alain Cohen '15</strong><br>
                		Financing Manager<br>
						Export Development Canada<br>
						<em>MIT offered me the most rigorous curriculum and most experienced student population.</em> <strong>Jen Bolt '15</strong><br>
                		Vice President of Supply Chain and Operational Excellence<br>
						Greatbatch, Inc.<br>
						<em>I am here to broaden my knowledge base and to collaborate with world-class industry leaders. </em> <strong>Anthony Coston '16</strong><br>
                		Director of Program Management <br>
						Becton Dickinson<br>
						<em>I am here for a strong business foundation rooted in science, experimentation and theory. </em> <strong>Omid Farokhzad '15</strong><br>
                		Physician-Scientist, Associate Professor<br>
						Brigham and Women’s Hospital<br>
						<em>I am here to take innovations from academic discovery to commercialization and make a lasting impact.</em> <strong>Cesar Ortiz-Marcano '16</strong><br>
                		Senior Vice President and Chief Risk Officer<br>
						OFG Bancorp<br>
						<em>I came to MIT’s EMBA to learn the science of management in a cross-disciplinary curriculum.</em> <strong>Charles Dublin '16</strong><br>
                		Vice President of Product Operations<br>
						<em>I came here for the global perspective, rigorous curriculum, and across industry relationships. </em> <strong>Christina Gunther-Murphy '16</strong><br>
                		Executive Director<br>
						Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI)<br>
						<em>I am here to gain new perspectives and ways to solve problems. </em> <strong>Emmanuel Salvetti '16</strong><br>
                		Vice President, Risk and Credit Finance<br>
						The Western Union Company<br>
						<em>I came for a mid-career program that offered a rigorous curriculum and action learning. </em> <strong>Mike Rowell '15</strong><br>
						<em>The program combines innovative management theories with the techniques needed to quantify the impact. </em> <strong>Jacobo Almuiña Tojo '15</strong><br>
                		Senior Vice President, Derivatives Institutional Sales & Structuring<br>
						Santander Investment Securities Inc.<br>
						<em>This is the ideal environment to reflect on what I’m doing, to learn, and to grow as a leader.</em> <strong>Kate Liburdi '15</strong><br>
                		Founder and Principal<br>
						The Temptery<br>
						<em>Every time I attend class light bulbs go off and I immediately apply what I’m learning to my business. </em> <strong>Iria Veiga '16</strong><br>
                		Director of Santander Assist Line<br>
						Santander Bank<br>
						<em>I came for the ecosystem, the scientific approach to management, and the reputation for innovation.</em> <strong>Jay Dong '16</strong><br>
                		General Manager<br>
						CST Biological Reagents <br>
						<em>Only MIT is worth the commute from China.</em> <strong>Jean-Marie Daout '16</strong><br>
                		Vice President
						Zodiac Aerospace<br>
						<em>I came to MIT for the management tools and to develop a more holistic approach to my work. </em> <strong>Marco De Paolis '16</strong><br>
                		Director of National Accounts<br>
						Canada Guaranty Mortgage Insurance Company<br>
						<em>I am here to broaden my network and to learn from other experienced executives.</em> <strong>Jim Dunn '16</strong><br>
                		Executive Vice President and Chief Talent Officer<br>
						Parkland Health & Hospital System<br>
						<em>I am here to innovate, to invest in my future, and to get out of my comfort zone.</em>

Challenge convention. Challenge yourself.

The MIT Executive MBA is a rigorous 20-month executive-schedule MBA program designed for mid-career executives poised at pivotal junctures in their careers. Through advanced management practices and applied learning projects you will emerge with a broader perspective and the tools to increase your impact. The EMBA program is an opportunity to join an elite forum for innovation and leadership, in which you will develop an edge in your management capabilities and build a network that lasts a lifetime.

The application for the Class of 2018 (matriculating October 2016) is available now. Check out the Executive Insights Blog to see what students learn and how they implement it.

Program Details

  • 20-month mid-career MBA
  • Classes every three weeks on Friday/Saturday
  • One-week module every six months
  • One-week international project trip
  • Application for the Class of 2018:
      Application open now
      Final Deadline: June 1, 2016 (11:59pm EDT)