Who Should Apply

Admission selection criteria

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The MIT Executive MBA selection committee will consider applicants who are leaders in established organizations or in new ventures. A promising candidate fits the following criteria:

  • At least ten years of relevant post-undergraduate work experience, less than ten years experience is evaluated on a case-by-case basis.
  • Employed full time.
  • Combines strong leadership performance, global perspective, functional expertise, and innovation.
  • Possesses the aptitude to succeed in a rigorous academic program.
  • Communicates effectively in English—orally and in writing.
  • Undergraduate degree (although in select cases we consider exceptional achievements in lieu of a degree).
  • Prerequisite coursework in Statistics and Calculus*

* The MIT Executive MBA faculty and staff are committed to the success of our students. The curriculum is known for its academic rigor and as part of the Admissions process, we will review your college and university transcript(s). In particular, we look for at least one course in Statistics and one in Calculus.

If you have not taken Calculus and Statistics, or did not receive strong grades (B or better) in these courses, we recommend taking a credit-bearing class now. We encourage you to find in-person courses at a local college or university, if possible. Although the GMAT or GRE are not required, you may submit your test results for consideration.

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“None of us is here just for the diploma. We’re here to learn, we’re here to collaborate, we’re here to do great things together.”

Rosalind Sullivan ’13
Chief Financial Officer, Cenegenics Medical Institute
Las Vegas, Nevada