Transforming high-potential leaders into extraordinary executives

The MIT EMBA equips rising executives with the skills to navigate a global economy and a competitive marketplace. Positioned at the intersection of business, innovation, and technology, the program gives talented executives the advanced tools and expertise they need to enhance organizational growth and profitability.

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The MIT EMBA Program provides students the opportunity to:

  • Acquire critical cross-industry best practices from renowned faculty and peers.
  • Access MIT’s cutting-edge research in business, leadership, and technological innovation years before that knowledge becomes mainstream.
  • Apply new knowledge and skills to the organization through action-learning projects.
  • Leverage increased knowledge, productivity, and expertise into your company.
  • Build a powerful global network of faculty, program peers, and the 125,000 members of the MIT alumni network.

Organizations who want to position themselves for sustained success must invest in key executives and position them for growth. The MIT EMBA Program provides the best executive talent with the leading tools and strategies needed to provide a significant edge in a hypercompetitive marketplace.

Seeking Sponsorship

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Sponsoring a Student

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Sponsoring companies

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Questions about sponsorship?

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