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Corporate sponsorship refers to corporate support for the time commitment and financial support which exceeds standard tuition reimbursement. The MIT EMBA’s quick cycles of classroom learning and back on-the-job application are an important component of the program.  Financial sponsorship can make the program viable for some students, but corporate support for the time commitment is absolutely critical to the success of the student.

Providing the space and flexibility for the EMBA student to share and apply what is being learned in the classroom is the key to maximizing the potential of the MIT EMBA, for both the student and the sponsoring organization.

Approximately 60% of MIT EMBA students receive a level of financial sponsorship. Financial sponsorship comes from many avenues. Some organizations have formal enterprise-wide processes in place. Others review sponsorship requests on a case-by-case basis. Some fund from the corporate level, others receive funding from division or department budgets.

Participating companies have included:

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“At MIT, they appreciate when you do things differently, when you question conventional wisdom. In fact, it’s one of the only places I can think of where I’ve been encouraged not to settle for the status quo.”

Kara Cleveland ‘13
Vice President and COO
Eureka Connect Research