Student Profile - Aparna Prabhakar

Aparna Prabhakar

National Origin


Current Location

Armonk, NY




Electronics Engineering; Mechanical Engineering

EMBA Class of

Aparna Prabhakar
Senior Managing Strategy Consultant
IBM Corporation


As senior managing strategy consultant at IBM, Aparna Prabhakar helps shape the company’s overall strategy, working with leaders across all business units. Previously, she served as technology innovation program leader at IBM, helping to manage the company’s entrepreneurial venture capital program and funding over 40 projects worldwide to accelerate technology innovation. As the technical lead for IBM’s biggest semiconductor accounts in China and Japan, Aparna worked across cultural barriers while managing a global team of 20, and delivering sales commitments greater than $400 million per year. She holds numerous patents and publications, and received the Women of Color in STEM Technology Rising Star Award in 2015 and was highlighted as “IBM’s most dynamic technical woman” in the IBM Women@Work series in 2014.

Why This Program?

I’m driven by a deep desire to create technology that matters. To do this more effectively, I was looking to gain new perspectives while expanding on my past experiences. This program’s approach, rooted in science and analytical thinking, deeply resonated with the engineer in me. The School’s mission statement ‘to develop principled, innovative leaders who improve the world’ also struck a chord. Furthermore, as I spoke to alumni about how the experience made a deep lasting impact on them, I knew this was the program for me. I came here to grow as a person and explore new areas to make a positive change. I see this program as a necessary bridge that can help push me to my limits, providing essential exposure to other facets of the business world and expanding my network within a community of business leaders who share a similar mindset.