Student Profile - Dr. Elliot Suarez

Dr. Elliot Suarez

National Origin

Puerto Rico

Current Location

Boston, MA and Nicaragua




Government; Medicine

EMBA Class of

Dr. Elliot Suarez
Instructor in Population Medicine
Harvard Medical School


Dr. Elliot Suarez is an instructor in Population Medicine at Harvard Medical School and has worked as a primary care pediatrician in Boston for nearly 20 years. He also is a founding member of the HOPE Worldwide Community Service Brigades and serves as volunteer medical director of the HOPE Brigades in Nicaragua. The Brigades bring doctors, nurses, pharmacists, dentists, ESL educators and building contractors from all over the world to the poorest communities in Central America.

Why This Program?

I came to this program to accomplish two goals: to learn how to bring the HOPE Worldwide Community Service Brigades closer to financial sustainability; and to learn how to create greater social benefit using impact investments. I want to gain the analytical and quantitative skills necessary to become a qualified solicitor and manager of impact funds. MIT Sloan is the ideal place to learn the principles and methodology of accounting, finance, marketing and operations to put into practice in our organization. While I bring the experience of starting and growing a non-governmental, volunteer-based service organization caring for over 19,000 families and teaching over 500 students in Central America, it can be isolating to work in such a specialized area. I also came to this program to make fruitful connections and collaborate with a community of experienced, talented and committed professionals.