Student Profile - Dr. G. Oana Costea

Dr. G. Oana Costea

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Providence, RI





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Dr. G. Oana Costea
Chief and Attending Psychiatrist, Children’s Inpatient Program; President of the Hospital Medical Staff Bradley Hospital / Lifes
Bradley Hospital


Dr. Oana Costea is chief of the Children’s Inpatient Program at Bradley Hospital / Lifespan and president of the Hospital Medical Staff. In this multifaceted position, she leads the multidisciplinary care for children with severe mental disorders, oversees the clinical, educational, research, administrative and financial operations of the program, and chairs the Medical Staff Executive Committee and Credentialing Committee focused on hospital policy, operations, staff professional performance and credentialing. She also is a clinical associate professor of psychiatry and human behavior at Brown University.

Why This Program?

Since moving to the U.S. 17 years ago to start my Psychiatry residency, I have been on a continuous transformational journey driven by my interest in doing meaningful work and being constantly challenged. I wanted to build on this momentum through MIT’s EMBA program by gaining the necessary tools to increase my footprint within my current organization and beyond. I hope to develop a model of care delivery to address the shortage of resources in pediatric mental health nationwide by tapping into the program’s strengths in analytics and modeling. Additionally, the skills acquired through the rigorous curriculum and action learning experiences would prepare me to take increasingly influential roles in a healthcare organization. I also came here because of the program’s renowned faculty and experienced cohort along with MIT’s focus on innovation. All of these factors would help expand my leadership skills to address the current healthcare challenges that require novel solutions to increase quality of care while reducing cost.