Student Profile - Dr. Sajani (Sunny) Shah

Dr. Sajani (Sunny) Shah

National Origin


Current Location

Boston, MA




University of Albany, SUNY, B.S. Biology & Psychology; St. George’s University, M.D. Medicine

EMBA Class of

Dr. Sajani (Sunny) Shah
Chief MIS/Bariatric Division
Tufts Medical Center


Dr. Sajani (Sunny) Shah is a surgeon, educator and innovator. As chief of the Minimally-Invasive Bariatric/Surgery Division at Tufts Medical Center and medical director of an obesity treatment program in New England, Sunny focuses on the treatment and care of obese patients. She leads a multidisciplinary team to deliver innovative techniques to help restore patients’ health, wellness and quality of life. She has been involved as the principal investigator in the early trials of vBloc neuromodulation therapy, a ground-breaking system for the treatment of obesity, and she serves as the primary educator in the U.S. for this new technology and surgical technique.

Why This Program?

“As a doctor, I wanted an MBA to fill in knowledge gaps and be able to participate in business discussions. I came to this program because it offers a general management curriculum rather than one focused on healthcare. I also wanted to join a diverse cohort to learn from classmates’ global experiences and perspectives. The Action Learning aspect meant that we could see how everyone applied their classroom learning to their organizations each week. This is a rich and unique learning environment at a prestigious Institute. I only applied to this EMBA program.”