From the Directors

Prospective Students and Sponsors,

We welcome you to The MIT Executive MBA Program. The MIT EMBA Program is an extraordinary opportunity for rising executives to challenge themselves, to
challenge convention, and to challenge their fields.

The EMBA Program is built on MIT’s deep culture of rigor, questioning, and teamwork. It taps the institution’s preeminent role in innovation, research,
and management to give you an edge, in any marketplace, in any economy. Over the last half-century, MIT’s Sloan School of Management has defined the science
of management and led innovations that have changed the face of business. System dynamics, Marketing Science, McGregor’s Theory X and Theory Y, and the Black-Scholes derivatives pricing model all began here. The school continues to be at the forefront of management education, empowering executives with a rigorous and data-driven approach to solving complex challenges and seizing strategic opportunities.

The EMBA Program empowers you with cross-industry learning, leading-edge research, and lessons from renowned faculty and peers. Through real-world projects in the classroom and out, you will immediately integrate what you learn with how you perform on the job. This emphasis on action learning deepens your knowledge and delivers impact for you and your company right from the start of the program.

If you are at a pivotal point in your career and seek to broaden your perspective, to increase your impact, to develop the tools and confidence to take the right risks at the right time – then we encourage you to apply to the MIT Executive MBA Program.